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When you spill red wine on your white carpet, the choice between DIY methods and calling for professional carpet stain removal services in Clearwater should be easy. Sure, home remedies can sound appealing, but do they actually work? Much of the time they can make the stain even worse!

Why DIY stain removers don’t work

Some DIY tutorials are really quite creative, but how effective are they? While they may save you money, going for a home remedy instead of Clearwater carpet stain removal services will just cause you more stress. Here are some reasons why DIY tutorials aren’t a good idea:

  • Most “natural” cleaners do not effectively remove the stains and often leave unpleasant odors or further discoloration behind.
  • The sun is used in many of the DIY tutorials. Somehow we must have forgotten about sun bleaching; this method could turn your accident into a rug tragedy.
  • Bleach is another material that frequents the DIY tutorials. Bleach will not only remove the color from the stain, but it will also completely remove the color from your carpet, as well.
  • While baking soda is a popular cleaner for numerous things, when it comes to carpeting, it is not the best idea. True it may neutralize some odors that are seemingly stuck in your flooring, but it often will dry into a crusty, yellow residue on your rug.

Got a stain? Here’s what you can do after calling for a professional

If you happen to spill a glass of wine, cup of coffee, some nail polish, or anything else that leaves an ugly stain on your beautiful carpet, you aren’t helpless! There are steps you can take to try to remedy the situation, while waiting for Clearwater professional carpet stain removal services to arrive. The first is to act quickly. The longer the substance sits, the harder it will be to take it out. Blot liquids with a dry, absorbent towel; do not try to scrub the stain out. Start blotting from the edges of the spill and work your way inward, again do not scrub this area.

The best thing anyone can do is to hire certified carpet stain removal services in Clearwater; professional cleaning will alleviate the stress of trying to remove a stain on your own. At Chris’ Carpet Service, we use the finest equipment and only employ the highest trained technicians to ensure that your carpets always turn out looking great. New or old, if you are tired of looking at a stain on your carpet, call us today at 727-397-1511.

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